Judges Cite Wikipedia

My students must love this: according to the NYT, courts are increasingly citing Wikipedia in judicial decisions. More than 100 judicial rulings have relied on Wikipedia beginning in 2004, including 13 from circuit courts of appeal. The Supreme Court thus far has never cited Wikipedia. As far as judges go, they don’t get much more conservative than Richard Posner of the United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit in Chicago. So if even Judge Posner says — “Wikipedia is a terrific resource. Partly because it so convenient, it often has been updated recently and is very accurate” — law students can probably be expected to do so too.

One Response to “Judges Cite Wikipedia”

  1. effifuks.blogli.co.il Says:

    someone shold tell the distinguished judge that the big disadvantage in Wikipenia is that anyone change every Term to what ever they want… including the meaning of the term “Richard Posner”… 🙂

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