Senator Clinton: Putting Privacy on the Agenda

Wired reports Hillary Clinton has placed privacy and data protection on her Presidential candidate agenda. Senator Clinton supports a “Privacy Bill of Rights“, which would protect citizens’ right to know what’s being done with their personal information, and offer consumers an unprecedented level of control over how such data are used. Quite a refreshing notion after the Bush administration’s approach to this fundamental right. Indeed, perhaps as a countermeasure to Bush’s notorious USA-PATRIOT Act, Senator Clinton announced she will introduce the PROTECT Act (Privacy Rights and Oversight for Electronic and Commercial Transactions Act) to enact this Bill of Rights. Under the proposed Act,  consumer information will be shared only when consumers “opt-in”, consumers will be notified immediately if their credit or identity is compromised, and they will have a cause of action for damages if their privacy rights are violated. In addition, the Act would recreate the position of a high-level privacy czar, charged with oversight into the workings of government departments and the power to make sure privacy laws are followed. This position was last held by current Ohio State University law professor Peter Swire, under Senator Clinton’s husband’s tenure as president. 

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